Reverse Engineered MRO/OEM Parts

Since OEMs are primarily in the business of designing and building production equipment, they are often not in the best position to spend the time or capital required to provide an adequate inventory of replacement parts or assemblies. At the same time, manufacturing equipment users don’t always have the wherewithal to inventory sufficient spares.

Unplanned downtimes for any reason are often very serious, If a worn or broken part causes a line to suddenly shut down and there are no spare parts, you are going to want a replacement part ‘yesterday’ because they are losing valuable production time.

In some manufacturing applications, such as assembly line operations, processes change periodically. This can make it necessary, or at least desirable, to redesign or otherwise modify some equipment parts and thereby improve on equipment reliability or performance.

One of the advantages of dealing with Specialty Machine Inc. is we are flexible enough to provide rapid turnaround of emergency orders.

The best solution is for the equipment owner to source spares or replacement parts from Specialty Machine Inc.